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When I first saw it in action I was fascinated. This has not been anything I have been taught during all the years. The big range of application on whatever situation is an eye-opener. 

Thanks to Mastering Meotode I have methods to improve Meotode and trapping. I'm already implementing them and would strongly recommend to others to discover this new effectiveness of Karate.

Martin Ström
3rd Dan Wadokai - Sweden

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Yes AJ! I love Kobudo too

Pre-order The Elite Course "The Kobudo Curriculum" NOW for just 27 euro.
The prototype course contains over 50 videos (Release: February 2021)

Eventually, the full curriculum will be officially recorded: Kihon 1-10, Kumite 1-5, Fukyu Kata 1,2,3 for Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa. 

Next to eBooks, demonstrations and walkthroughs, follow-along classes and training methods are part of this course. 

If you want more fun in your training and explore new depths of traditional Karate this course is for you. **BONUS: Lifetime membership of Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe.

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The biggest eye opener I got from the series is the importance of the basics. If you know the basics you can progress quickly, even without dojo training.

The best reason for using Mastering Meotode is to understand advanced technics and the quick progression you will have. Just get the Mastering Meotode - you wont regret it.

Erik Kristiansen
Shotokan - Norway